About Me

I have specialised professional expertise within the Media, Broadcast, Marketing and Design industries. I work remotely worldwide using both design and the fourth dimension of time to create little spectacles of delight that aim to more than clearly communicate but to resonate, stimulate and demand attention. Throwing a range of skills at my work I have to date had the opportunity to produce work for the likes of Panasonic, Nationwide, Adobe, Nokia, Sky, Axa, Oral B and Regus, among others. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic about my work and digital technologies that allow for productive creativity and design to be accessible and enjoyed.

Where do I work?

Although I am based in Bristol UK, I work remotely nationwide across the UK and now internationally. By making use of the time difference I can provide a night shift. I am always continuing to grow a strong regular client base.



Apple Macbook Pro
64GB Intel PC with Nvidia Quadro Card
Wacom Cintiq 13HD
Contour Shuttle Pro
3Dconnexion mouse
Canon 5D MKII
Rode M3 Condenser Mic
Native Instruments Kontrol s88
Yamaha HS7 Monitors
Zoom H4N